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Those having harmonious interaction of the left and right hemispheres of the brain are more creative and practical. This is possible if you spend more time in multiple aspects of your life. It’s like training your brain to work on multi-dimension. This is why people over 60 are often more creative and practical than younger ones. However, at this age senses work slower than the youth. As per the George Washington University School of Medicine, the peak of human intellectual activities occurs above 60 since the brain starts functioning at full strength. Therefore, we are more likely to make the right decision with age. That is why we should seek the opinion of an older person before making a major life decision. These noted strengths of older brains are possibly due to following changes in the brain over age.

Strengths of your brain after the 60s

  • As we age, we experience a reduction in negative emotions. With fewer negative emotions, we make better decisions with less energy.
  • More use of both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. This allows us to solve much more complex problems.
  • High myelin in the brain. Myelin is required for the rapid passage of signals between neurons.
  • Neurons in our body do not die or change over time, only the connections between them can change the capacity of our brain. It can be noted that you have the same neurons to perform the task. If you maintain the connection between them by engaging yourself in more mental work you can be more creative than before.
  • Forgetfulness and distraction: Our brain functions like a computer processor, processing input data and providing output information. But most often our brain is used to store more data and information (misuse of the brain) which results in forgetfulness and distraction.

So age will not be a barrier to your creativity and intellectual development. Still, you can do what you have not achieved so far. We should check our mental health by knowing unusual emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviour and moving on.

At the same time, we should remember that our intellectual abilities do not depend only on age. It can be noted that our mental abilities are influenced by multiple factors such as genetic makeup, healthy lifestyle, physical activities, exercise, and surrounding environmental stimuli.

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