Personal Growth Index Calculator

Personal Growth Index Calculator

The personal growth index calculator calculates the status of intellectual and economic growth based on your activities, psychological condition, and surrounding environment. The calculator is highly useful to understand our comfort, fear, learning, and growth zone based on logical function.

Interpretation of PGI

  1. PGI >100.1 – Exceptionally great intellectual and growth condition (Above Growth Zone). Indeed, you are living the purpose of human life and can guide others to achieve the goal.
  2. PGI 80.1 to 100 – Excellent intellectual and growth conditions (Growth Zone). Consequently, understand the purpose of human life and can achieve the targeted goal without a consultant.
  3. PGI 60.1 to 80 – Intellectual developmental stage (Learning Zone): This is the stage to acquire skills and knowledge for future development.
  4. PGI 40.1 to 60 – Dominated by your self-negative talk (Fear Zone). Accordingly, try to understand the reasons for your self-negative talk and reduce it.
  5. PGI <40 – Safe and things are under control (Comfort Zone). This zone act as a poison for the development and further growth. Therefore, you need to come out of your comfort zone to develop for the future.


  • The Personal Growth Index Calculator is on the concept of Mind Tools for education, awareness, and individual growth purposes only.
  • The PGI is not for the comparison of different individuals, subjects, areas, and intellectual capabilities.
  • The PGI is a tentative value based on the activities, perception, psychological and surrounding conditions with logical function.

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