Carbon Sequestration Potential Calculator

Carbon Sequestration Potential Calculator

Calculate the average carbon sequestration potential of an area with the help of percentage grassland, agriculture, tree cover, and region. Unit of carbon sequestration potential can be expressed in tonnes of CO2 sequestration per hectare per year. The carbon sequestration potential calculator is a simplified version to calculate the average sequestration capacity of the area.

Comparison of CSP

  • CSP of Boreal forests spread in Canada, Alaska, and Russia varies from 0.82.4 tonnes CO2 per hectare per year.
  • In temperate (the region between the tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle or the tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle) and tropical (the region between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer) areas it varies from 0.7 to 7.5 and 3.2 to 10 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year, respectively.

Disclaimer of Carbon Sequestration Potential Calculator

  • The CSP Calculator is on the concept of Sandia National Labs and FAO for education and awareness purposes only.
  • The average CSP is a tentative value based on the region’s capacity for forest, grassland, and agriculture. However, the calculation of the exact value of CSP requires total biomass, species, and carbon content.

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