Research Title Impact Calculator

Research Title Impact calculator

The purpose of the Research Title Impact calculator (RTI) is to know the quality of your title and its possible impact on your readers. Calculate your RTI before submitting any article to a research journal for publication to enhance the curiosity of readers to read the article and improve it, if required.

*To choose the appropriate values for the RTI calculator, please go to Complete guidelines to write a high-impact research title at

Interpretation of RTI

  1. RTI >9.1 – Exceptionally high impact
  2. RTI 8.1 to 9 – Very good impact
  3. RTI 7.1 to 8 – Good impact
  4. RTI 6.1 to 7 – Few improvements required
  5. RTI 5.1 to 6 – Major revision required
  6. RTI <5 – Poor title


  • The RTI calculator is based on the information, guidelines, and data available in the literature including NLM.
  • The RTI calculator is indicative and can be used for the improvement of the research title. It is not for any other assessment and claim.

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