Mental Health Index Calculator

Mental Health Index Calculator

The purpose of the ISPH mental health Index calculator (MHI) is to know the status of your mental health and capabilities to handle the situation in your life. Calculate your MHI and take initiatives to improve your mental health based on recommended actions.

*To choose the appropriate values for Mental Health Index Calculator, please go to 11 Unusual emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behavior: A concern about your mental health at

Interpretation of MHI

  1. MHI >100.1 – Exceptionally great mental health
  2. MHI 90.1 to 100 – Very good mental health
  3. MHI 80.1 to 90 – Healthy mental condition
  4. MHI 70.1 to 80 – Mild mental illness
  5. MHI 60.1 to 70 – Severe mental illness
  6. MHI <60 – Insane / mad


  • The MHI calculator is based on the information, guidelines, and data available in the literature including WHO.
  • The MHI calculator is for information and health awareness. It is not for the diagnosis of serious mental illness.

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