Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

Environmental Implications of Energy Use

Calculate personal carbon footprint and CO2 equivalence emission with the help of personal ecological footprint using a simplified calculator to support climate change action. A personal carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by a person’s activities. It can be expressed as carbon dioxide-equivalence in tons or kg per year.

*Calculate your Ecological Footprint using the simplified calculator of ISPH.


  • As per recent data from The World Bank, the global average personal carbon footprint is 4,580 Kg per year (12.54 Kg per day). That makes it a total of 36.50 trillion Kg per year.
  • If your value is above 50% of the world average i.e. >2259 Kg per year then it needs to reduce by sustainable practices.

Significance of Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

The personal ecological footprint calculator holds significant importance as a powerful tool for individuals to understand and measure their environmental impact. It allows individuals to assess their resource consumption, waste generation, and carbon footprint based on their lifestyle choices and daily activities.

Further, it facilitates to foster of self-awareness, quantifying environmental impact, identifying hotspots, setting sustainable goals, and promoting sustainable behaviors. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in promoting individual environmental responsibility and fostering sustainable behaviors. Hence, contributing to broader environmental conservation and climate action efforts. Furthermore, it empowers individuals to take an active role in mitigating their impact on the planet. Which is making a positive difference toward a more sustainable and resilient future.


  • The Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator is on the concept of Sandia National Labs for education and awareness purposes only.
  • The calculated personal ecological footprint is a tentative value of GHG emission in carbon dioxide equivalent based on the activities. The calculation of the exact value of GHG emissions from the activities is highly complex due to multiple factors.

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