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At ISPH, we publish interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and news about our surroundings and the implications of new advancements to resolve the issues of public health. We take a scientific approach in everything we report. We cover a diverse range of topics and perspectives based on readers of ISPH.


Interdisciplinary Science and Public Health – A quick step of knowing what we’ve, in short known as ISPH website was founded in May 2022 by Dr. bablu Prasad. The idea behind ISPH is to spread scientific awareness and communicate the discovery in the field of environmental science and public health to the common people with the help of interdisciplinary approaches.

Key theme

  1. Good health of the public and ecosystems
  2. Natural resources and their limitations
  3. Technological advancements and their consequences
  4. Emerging pollutants and their status
  5. Social responsibilities and economic efficiency
  6. Role of the abiotic, biotic, cultural, and psychological components in our life
  7. Healthy livelihood and possible solutions for the existing problems
  8. Body and mind to manage life
  9. Safety of consumer products and their alternatives available
  10. awareness of societal facts and challenges. In addition, it also includes
  11. Scientific skills and communication

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ISPH welcomes inquiries related to the published contents, and we invite you to write articles for the massive readers of ISPH. All the communications are accepted through email: indsciph@gmail.com

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