key to all environmental progress and development

Environmental issues cannot be prevented by laws alone. Public participation is equally important concerning environmental protection. Public awareness of the environment means the ability to understand our surroundings, including the laws of the natural environment, sensitivity to all the changes occurring in the environment, an understanding of how the environment works as a system, and a sense of responsibility for the common heritage of the Earth, such as natural resources to preserve them for future generations. It includes systematic training activities to increase the basic knowledge of ecology and environmental protection, and, at the same time, understanding the role of human beings on this planet. Therefore, public awareness is the main key to all environmental progress and the development of the community as a whole.

Individual choices can contribute significantly

Through greater awareness and application of ecological principles, each individual can help to assure that there will be suitable environments for succeeding generations on our planet. Individuals in society must decide on proposals that involve the introduction of new technologies. These decisions must assess environmental risks, costs, benefits, and trade-offs.

The knowledge acquired during school education and then systematically improved in adulthood is an essential factor in enhancing the environmental awareness of an individual. At the same time, responsibility and the ability to emotionally perceive the environment is crucial for environmental protection. That is the reason why public awareness is the primary key to the environmental progress of the world.

Awareness of environmental issues

Globally, many environmental issues have elevated along with fast economic growth in the last few decades. At present, the top ten hot environmental issues and challenges are as follows:

  1. Increasing ecological footprint
  2. Rapid depletion of groundwater and water pollution
  3. Ineffective radioactive and e-waste management
  4. Man-made fires and unskilled formers
  5. Increased air pollution
  6. More dependent on the thermal power plant to meet increasing energy demand
  7. Increased mining and landslides
  8. Population growth and rapid urbanization
  9. Increasing radiation hazards
  10. Deteriorating public health and loss of biodiversity

Top 10 effective strategies to boost the awareness

It’s important to create awareness regarding hot environmental issues among the public through different awareness programs to become more environmentally conscious. The major 10 activities to spread awareness among the public could be:

  1. Spreading e-content on environmental issues and their available alternatives. One of the objectives of ISPH is to spread awareness amongst the public about issues, their consequences, and functional solutions.
  2. Development and sharing of video-clip and image art on environmental issues can spread awareness rapidly. Since it has lesser language barriers than other methods of awareness.
  3. Awareness through the help of Scientology & Schematic Diagrams can be highly effective for the majority of the public.
  4. Discuss environmental issues and their alternatives available with friends, family, and relatives.
  5. Read newspaper articles and periodicals like Nature Conservancy, Mother Earth News, Down to Earth, environmental newsletter, sanctuary magazine, etc.
  6. Join local movements that support activities like saving trees in your locality, reducing the use of plastics, going for nature treks, and practicing the 3R’s i.e. reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  7. Practice and promote good civic sense and hygiene such as enforcing no spitting or tobacco chewing, no throwing garbage on the road, and no urinating in public places.
  8. Take part in events organized on World Environment Day (5th June), Wildlife Week (1st week of October), etc.
  9. Visit a National Park or Sanctuary or spend time in whatever natural habitat you have near your home.
  10. Research and teaching on emerging environmental issues and their alternatives.


Public Awareness is the main key to all environmental progress and development since it has a great potential to reduce the environmental problems in society. However, the level of environmental awareness is affected by many factors, including culture, religion, organization of family, professional and social life, type and level of education, and social status. Therefore, achieving this task is never easy but not impossible. Let’s take individual initiatives to aware people to protect the planet. Remember, if you change your neighbor will change.

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